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Vitals Pro Referral Program

Invite your friends to Vitals Pro via email, or share your referral code on Facebook or Twitter. You will get $10 for all pre-orders made through your referral link. Your $10 discount coupon automatically send to your registered e-mail when any purchase will made through your referral link, you can use it for your order or can transfer it to your paypal account by sending a redeem request.

How to Start

1. Sign up
You only need to enter your name, email and password (10 sec). Anyone can do this, no need to purchase or pre-order first.

2. Log in

Check your e-mail and activate your account through verification link (send to you at the time of registration). Log in to Vitals Pro website and go to your dashboard, you will get your unique referral link code in the box right under the notification. See image bellow: referral program

3. Copy and paste

Copy and paste the code and email to your buddies, post it on any social media website, recommend it on your Facebook page, etc. When people click through your unique link, they will be directed to the page and their activity will be registered under your referral. If they pre-order, we’ll know that it’s coming from you. After every successful purchase by your referral we’ll send you an e-mail and your discount coupon.

What you will earn

This is an amazing opportunity for those of you who may want a VITALS PRO DEVICE, but maybe can’t afford it at this time. You can actually “earn discounts” towards purchasing a Vitals Pro smart watch or wrist band by getting your friends to purchase. For every person you refer who purchases a Smart Watch or Wrist Band, you will receive a $10 discount coupon. This means, if you get 20 referral pre-orders, you essentially will have earned yourself a FREE Vitals Pro Smart Wrist Band!

Boost your Revenues

A few easy ideas that takes a few seconds to do:

  • Post to your personal social media.
  • Post or message to other Fan Pages, LinkedIn Groups or Twitter accounts asking them to Share or ReTweet.
  • If you or a friend runs a blog or writes, ask them to do a story and provide your personal URL.
  • Post to Reddit, BuzzFeed, StumbleUpon or similar sites with your URL.
  • Get creative, no one but you knows this is your personal link!

More information about this referral program is available on our terms of use page. If you have any question, comment or need support please feel free to contact us.

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