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10 January, 2017: Cardiovascular diseases are world’s leading cause of death, as per World Health Organisation 17.5 million people die each year from CVDs, an estimated 31% of all deaths worldwide, where 80% of all CVD deaths are due to heart attacks and strokes. Our team of researchers and engineers was working since 2010 to tackle the world’s number one killer (CVD) and today we are happily announcing the most advanced health gadget “VITALS PRO – Wearable device that can alert before heart attack or stroke”.

Based on most advanced bio-sensing technology, Vitals Pro offers a powerful way to manage your heart health and prevent chronic heart diseases through early detection, 24×7 monitoring, timely notifications, alerts and positive recommendations. The Vitals Pro Smart Watch combines the power of a medical grade bio-sensors and revolutionary VITALS PRO ® algorithm into one easy to use health gadget to help you reach optimal health.

Powerful Features

Vitals Pro’s ground breaking technology delivers clinically most accurate cardiac health monitoring anytime, anywhere. Fitting seamlessly into the modern lifestyle, it addresses the need for smarter health management tools available to both the patients and their doctors. It’s health assessment feature provides an in-depth look at your cardiac health, whilst identifying any common health issues. The output of health assessment can be used to obtain a personalized health status report and the necessary focused action plans.

Get to Know You Better

Vitals Pro is the most advanced cardiac health management solution that intends to collect, store, analyze and provide medical grade health vitals of users with data analysis and actionable health advice.

In addition to continuously recording cardiac health vitals (ECG/EKG, BP, SPO2, Heart Rate Variability) Vitals Pro also monitors stress level, sleep patterns, and physical activity tracking – giving doctors a greater insight into his patient’s overall heart health and behavior.

Wearable device that can alert before heart attack or stroke
Wearable device that can alert before heart attack or stroke

Stay Connected to Your Heart

Stay connected to your heart anytime, anywhere with 360° heart health insights, data sharing and analysis. Vitals Pro’s clinically validated technology delivers the most accurate medical grade heart health insights in just few seconds from anywhere, anytime.

An effortless way to monitor your heart health that fits your lifestyle.

Connect and Act Fast

You can capture medical grade heart health data and relay it to your doctor to inform your diagnosis and treatment plan anytime, anywhere. Vitals Pro’s revolutionary health alert technology enable you to get notified before any serious cardiac health problems as heart attack, cardiac arrest, etc…

Also in emergency (Heart Attack, Stroke, Extreme High/Low Blood Pressure, etc…) an automatic alert will be send to your doctor, family and friends.

Wearable device that can alert before heart attack or stroke
Vitals Pro

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